Mission and Values

Mission Statement

We bring inspiration and opportunity to enrich the life of every trader. Our aim is give customers in developing economies the best technology and trading conditions.

Our contests are designed to create an unparalleled trading experience. They train traders to develop the aptitude to handle pressure and perform to the best of their abilities.

We aspire to create a service that inspires change and gives customers the opportunity to attain financial freedom. At RallyTrade, we believe in making trading accessible to everyone driven to reach new horizons.

We have developed extensive and free education resources including; seminars, books and webinars to equip beginners and more experienced traders to learn new skills to succeed.

Organisational Values

Innovating: Cultivating great ideas and in turn creating new solutions.

Inspiring:Fostering an environment where our customers’ and employees’ dreams are boundless.

Customer Focused:Global but Local - While building a global brand we have a vested interest in harnessing the best technology to provide exceptional local customer support.

Committed to Excellence:We take the time to understand what constitutes a great performance and we refine it to perfection.


Putting Traders in the Driving Seat.

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