We would like to extend you a warm welcome to RallyTrade and offer you a tailored welcome bonus of up to 100% of your deposit amount. In order to claim the Welcome Bonus, new members must open a live trading account with RallyTrade, make a minimum deposit and send a request to our back office desk, sales account manager or via our website to release the bonus.
Our back office desk will automatically credit your account with the welcome bonus, after receiving your request.
Existing members, who have not deposited earlier, can also take advantage of a Welcome Deposit Bonus.

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Spring Bonus download_pdf

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Eggstra Bonus (April 2024) download_pdf
Ramadan Bonus (March 2024) download_pdf
Valentine Bonus (February 2024) download_pdf
Profit Power Bonus (January 2024) download_pdf
Jingle Pips Bonus (December 2023) download_pdf
Live Trading Bonus (December 2023) download_pdf
xPlosive Bonus (November 2023) download_pdf
Black Friday Bonus download_pdf
Independence Bonus (October 2023) download_pdf
Jara Plus Bonus (September 2023) download_pdf
Salah Bonus (June 2023) download_pdf
Turbo Trade Bonus (May 2023) download_pdf
Ramadan Bonus (April 2023) download_pdf
EasterVaganza Bonus (April 2023) download_pdf
Yafun Yafun Bonus (March 2023) download_pdf
Scale Up Bonus (January 2023) download_pdf
Black Friday Bonus (November 2022) download_pdf
Kick Off Bonus(October - December 2022) download_pdf
PlusU Bonus(June - August 2022) download_pdf
Take Off Bonus (February - July 2022) download_pdf
Sallah Bonus (July 2022) download_pdf
All Star Bonus (February - July 2022) download_pdf
Premier and Rerun Bonuses (February - July 2022) download_pdf
Extra Special Bonus (May - June 2022) download_pdf
Easter Fiesta Bonus (April 2022) download_pdf
ValenTrade Bonus (February 2022) download_pdf
Beta Flex Independence Bonus (October-December 2021) download_pdf
Royal Bonus (August-September 2021) download_pdf
Desire Bonus (February-July 2021) download_pdf
New Year Bonus (January 2021) download_pdf
XTRA 60 Bonus (September - December 2020) download_pdf
Lotzilla Trading Contest (September 14th - October 13th 2020) download_pdf
Sallah Midas Bonus (July 29th - August 12th 2020) download_pdf
Instant Bonus (july 2020) download_pdf
Stay Home Mega Bonus (january - june 2020) download_pdf
Independence Day Bonus (october 2019) download_pdf
Ember Power Bonus (september-december 2019) download_pdf
Zero Deposit Bonus download_pdf
Mega Blast Bonus (april-august 2019) download_pdf
Expo Bonus (march 2019) download_pdf
Maximizer Bonus (january-march 2019) download_pdf
Big Bang Bonus (december 2018) download_pdf
Power Bonus (november 2018) download_pdf
Assurance Bonus (october 2018) download_pdf
Giant Leap Bonus (september 2018) download_pdf
Accelerator Bonus (august 2018) download_pdf
Half Time Bonus (july 2018) download_pdf
Supersonic Bonus + Ramadan Special (june 2018) download_pdf

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