DE30 - High Volatility

Razvan Mihai


DAX30 has been quite volatile in past couple of months. Due to the Brexit votes and and UK Parliamentary voting, every economic indicator has the power to change the direction of DE30 on  a short term time frame. As an example today the low impact indicators like Spanish, German,  EUR and UK Services PMI were published above expectations, and the impact on DE30 was of a 150 points rally.

Currently trading at around 13147, midway between the key support level from 13000 and the resistance  from 13320, which pushed the price down several times in the past months. The general uptrend has yet to be ended, by looking at the Technical Analysis markers. The current drop in price has a good chance to end up just an ABC corrective move, and only a break below 12800 could trigger a medium term downtrend.

DE30 in a range

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