Morning Insights 11th December

Razvan Mihai


Instrument: USDCAD

Intraday: Bearish

Technical Analysis

Preference:  Sell position is envisaged if price trades below 1.32176 with take profit at 1.32034

Alternative scenario: Buy position is envisaged at 1.32499 with take profit at 1.32651


CPI m/m (USD) 2:30pm

Core CPI m/m(USD) 2:30pm

FOMC Economic Projections (USD) 8:00pm

FOMC Statement (USD) 8:00pm

Federal Funds Rate(USD) 8:00pm

FOMC Press Conference (USD) 8:30pm

Comment: With expected Tariffs kicking in on the 15th of December, One would expect the instrument push down techinically and fundamentally data coming from the US zone today seems negative as forecasts are lower than expected

Instrument: DE.30

Intraday: Bullish

Technical Analysis

Preference: Buy position is envisaged at 13096.3 with take profit at 13140.7

Alternative scenario: Sell position is envisaged if price trades below  130049 with take profit at 12960.5


No major economic data 

Comment: Technically, price closed as a Doji, showing the bullish pressure in the market. We should expect more of this pressure if price trades above the weak resistance.

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