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The Ticker, is also known as the Symbol, which the name of a currency pair. On most platforms, it can be found in the Market Watch section, of the platform. In this section you can find a list of all the instruments that can be traded on a specific trading account.


Forex Tickers (Symbols) are comprised of six letters. Three for the first currency and another three for the second currency. E.g. EURUSD (EUR/USD) - EUR stands for Euro and USD for American dollars. The EUR is just Euro without the last letter.

A simple method to learn the rest of the currency symbols would be to split the first two letters that are the country codes, from the third, which usually is the first letter of the currency name. See the examples below:

US/D (USD) - United States/Dollar;

GB/P - Great Britain/Pound;

JP/Y - Japanese/Yen;

AU/D - Australian/Dollar;

NZ/D - New Zealand/Dollar;

CA/D - Canadian/Dollar;

CH/F - Confederation Helvetica / Franc (language name of Switzerland);

HU/F - Hungarian/Forint.       

There are some exceptions to this rule. Some of the countries have brought changes to their currency value. In these cases the first letter of the currency name is changed to ‘N’ which stands for new.

For example: PL/N - Poland/New Zloty, RO/N - Romania/New Leu). Another exception is Russian/Ruble that has the ticker RUB, the first three letters from the name of the currency.

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